A muddy mélange of rockabilly, blues, and classic country…

Drawing deeply on their influences of Juke-Joint, old-style Blues, Rockabilly, Roots Rock and hints of Honky Tonk and Classic Country, The Mudpuppys put their own stamp on the music that inspires them.

With their straight ahead approach, The Michigan four-piece creates a mix of hard driving grooves and blues-style slide guitar work, topped with fierce and sultry vocals. The Mudpuppys genuine style sounds like it drifted out the juke-joint window, all the way up the Mississippi to the Great Lakes, hitting all points in between.

“There are a lot of people right now going through hard times, and the music we play comes from that. For some of us folks, it’s the only thing we’ve ever known. We recognize our role to help create an atmosphere were people can unwind and just have an old fashioned good time.”

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